TreeWorks for ArcPad


TreeWorks for ArcPad is a mobile tree inventory data collector program that is included with the purchase of TreeWorks for ArcGIS Desktop. Arborists can easily move their TreeWorks data from the ofice to the field in just a couple mouse-clicks. TreeWorks for ArcPad can be configured to store data locally in a 100% offline environment, or with online availability, connect to the cloud for supporting GIS files. Its up to you!


  • TreeWorks for ArcPad is a standard extension to ESRI┬« ArcPad┬«.
  • Data collection is fast and straightforward using time-tested customized forms.
  • All tree data, and GIS supporting files (imagery, roads, parcel) can be stored locally on the device.
  • Easily sync your tree data from multiple devices via bluetooth connection or a USB Cable.
  • Easily collect data offline in the field and sync your TreeWorks data back at the office.
  • TreeWorks for ArcPad can be installed on any Windows 10 or Windows Mobile Device. Options include traditional handheld GPS Units such as those offered by Trimble, Leica, and Juniper Systems or ruggedized tablets such as the Trimble Yuma, Panasonic ToughPad, or Dell Surface Pro.

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